Last Updated: 2023-10-26

Patient Resources on Biomarker Testing


Biomarker Testing in Cancer: Empowering Patients for Important Discussions With the Care Team

This patient education activity explains the basics about how biomarker testing may help the cancer treatment team make important treatment decisions. Hosted by Laura Okolo, DNP, MSN, FNP-BC, it consists of several short video interviews with cancer professionals, as well as a profile of a patient whose lung cancer treatment has been guided by biomarker testing results—all interspersed with engaging interactive elements. Patients diagnosed with cancer can use the information found in this activity to help guide discussions with their care team.

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Understanding Biomarker Testing: A Guide for Patients With Cancer

Looking for information to help your patients understand the role that biomarker testing plays in their cancer journey? This 4-page guide written in plain language can give patients a basic framework to discuss this important topic with the treatment team more confidently. Available in print and digital formats, download the guide today. PLUS: Order 10 or more complimentary print copies to share with your colleagues and patients today.

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